Macy's Return/Exchange Policy - Lost the Tag

  1. I recently purchased the Poppy Pocket Hobo in Punch from Macy's. I actually had to order the bag from out of state because my local Macy's didn't have it in stock and wouldn't order it for me.

    I used my Macy's charge to purchase the bag and removed the tag shortly after I received it because I knew she was a keeper. However, the first day I took her out and about, I noticed a small imperfection in the leather on the front of the bag. Although it's small, it's noticeable enough to drive me nuts.

    I ALWAYS save my tags so I can remember the name and style number of the bags I own, but I can't seem to find the tag to this bag ANYWHERE!!! I still have the receipts that were sent along with it though.

    What are my options? Can I exchange the bag with the receipt, but without the tag? What if they can't locate another one, can I return the bag without the tag or will they force me to take in-store credit? If I have to return the bag, will they refund the original shipping fee I was charged?

  2. you should be able to do it with the receipt. a SMART and knowledgable sales associate should be able to identify the information on the receipt and match it to the bag.
    they can key in the UPC and the return label by hand.
  3. That's good to know! In addition to the receipt, I also have the packing slip (which looks more like a receipt) and it states "Present for Merchandise Exchange or Merchandise Certificate". It has the UPC code right on it.

    I plan on stopping in at my local store tomorrow, so I'll see what happens.
  4. Just wondering how this all worked out OP?? :smile: I have a similiar situation with my gray Brooke and I really want my money back not a store credit, as our Macy's dosen't have much Coach and I must always miss the great deals....sigh! ;)
  5. I will find out this Friday. My DH and I will be stopping at the store I originally ordered it from on our way to the airport. I'll be sure to report back! I haven't decided if I simply want to exchange it or get a refund... I'm leaning towards an exact exchange.
  6. ^^ Thanks so much for your reply...I will check the thread again, so please let me know!
    I really want a refund, not credit, as I am pretty sure all the gray leather Brookes are long gone...sigh.... :sad: Something just tells me they will want to give me a credit so the whole thing is making me nervous! :smile:
  7. i'm about to return something without the CRL (it wasn't given to me) but with the receipt. i'll let you all know how that goes ^_^

    i wasn't given a CRL cause a bag i bought rang up incorrectly. it is supposed to be $298 but rang up $388. so she threw away the old CRL after ringing up the return but didn't give me the new CRL.
  8. ^^ Hope it goes ok for you!! :smile:
  9. i was able to do it! YAY!

    they just hand keyed all the information from the receipt into the register
  10. ^^^yea you dont need the crl to return unless you dont have the receipt... the SA can bypass it.
  11. YEAH!!! Glad it worked out for you! :smile:
  12. So I stopped into the store I ordered the bag from. I had already decided that I was going to exchange the bag for the same one and if they didn't have it, I was going to ask for a refund. They ended up having 2 left, so I exchanged it. I had rewrapped the original bag in the same way it was shipped to me, so I just gave the package to the SA and didn't mention the fact that there were no tags on the bag. The SA was super nice, did the exchange for me, and used the tag on the new bag to process the exchange. Not once did she say anything about my missing tag. Based on that experience, I believe she would have also processed a refund if that's what I wanted. Good luck to all of you who find yourself in the same situation!
  13. Thanks so much for the update OP! :smile:

    So glad it all worked out for you!! :smile:

    I am planning on taking my Brooke in tomorrow, really having a hard time cuz I love this bag and am pretty sure I won't be able to get another one!! Sigh....was so hoping to LOVE the new gilded Brooke in gray....but I don't cuz then I wouldn't of felt so bad having to give her up if I had a replacement!!
  14. Well I had to take Brooke in today!! :sad:

    They did refund my money, however they would NOT refund the $18 they charged me for shipping...not very happy about it! :sad:

    And what is more frustrating to me is the SA was not willing to really do anything to help me do an exchange or anything! :sad: And this is a SA I have worked with before, we have a relatsionship! She checked the system and there are stores that still have the gray Brooke but she basically wouldn't call them!! :sad: Was telling me I would get farther with them which makes no sense to me.

    So this is the senario I gave her, first you won't refund my $18 in shipping, so now I get to pay another $15 to ship it back to the store then pay another $18 to ship a new one out, and when the return arrives at the store who is going to take responsibility for getting it to the Coach dept. and who is going to charge me for the new one and send it out?? She was like awww well I see your point, because no one is going to take responsiblity for seeing the transaction I returned the bag!

    And the price is now more on the bag so I can't get it for what I paid the first time....I am just so mad and the more I think about it the more mad I get!!

    I don't know ladies am I off my rocker here? Was I really expecting too much from Macys??

    Anyway I am a VERY unhappy customer and its not too likely I will buy any Coach at Macys again!! :sad:
  15. aw, did you speak to a manager? i know they can't refund the price but sometimes the manager can waive new fees or shipping.