Macy's Question...

  1. I'm relatively new with Coach...

    But I went thru Macy's (Dearborn, MI)last night for a minute looking for a certain mini skinny.. which they didnt have.. but i noticed the sale signs...

    Dummy me, I didnt even think to look at other things... like charms and scarves and other small stuff...

    So i called one of my local Macy's to see if they have the charm I want and the SA told me that the Macy's never carry charms.. I find that hard to believe!

    Doesnt Macy's have charms and stuff? I swear I've seen the small racks on top of the counters (before I got into Coach....)
  2. Mine (in KofP in Pennsylvania which is a flagship store) does carry them, but not a whole lot. They are located at the Coach counter.
  3. Hmmm... I thought it sounded a little funny that they never have charms... I'm going over to my other Macy's tonight to check it out...


    Does anyone else have any good charm or scarf finds from Macy's?
  4. I have 2 near me and neither of them carry Charms.
  5. To add: Yes, and ususally they are chained to the register. And most of the time, there is a diddlysquat SA at that register. In my humble experiences.
  6. I just got back from Macy's tonight and they didn't sell any charms. I was surprised at that also.
  7. Now that I think of it, my Macy's doesn't carry any charms either. My Dillard's does, but they have them locked up in a case.
  8. My Macy's doesn't carry any scarves, charms or keyfobs. I spoke with an SA there recently regarding this and she said that she had told the manager that they should carry some, but so far, no luck. :shrugs:
  9. I went to one of my Macy's the other day and they said they never carry them.. But i'm quite sure I remember my other Macy's carrying them a while back.. Eh, who knows.. It makes me crazy when something is available online at their store and its not available actually in the store...
  10. The Macys near me in Chestnut Hill, MA does carry charms, but not sure about scarves though!
  11. The Macy's at Oakland Mall only has 2 types of keyfobs. The Macy's at Somerset Collection carries quite a bit more and are in a case at the counter. I think they have the red ladybug heart locket keyfob too.
  12. My Macy's has both, but it is Florida's flagship store.
  13. Macy's DOES have charms, mine has them in a glass case all the time! They even have on sale ones too!
  14. My Macys in Hudson Valley has a selection of charms/keyfobs in a case but they don't carry the scarves. I keep requesting them to my SA.
  15. My Macy's has charms as well in a glass box on the counter.