macy's question

  1. Hello! haven't posted in a while; just had a question about macy's they only get specific styles of the current collection? I've been wanting to get a Hamptons Weekend Demi Satchel (
    in black but I also wanted to use the FF coupon..
    anyone know if they will ever get this style?
  2. I think your best bet would be to call the Macy's nearest you and ask if they have it. That's what I did and found out a couple only have the leather carlys and some have sig carlys and one has no Coach at all!!!

    So yeah I'd say to give them a call.

  3. ditto.. i would call them, but better yet, I would actually go there and ask (and bring a picture of the bag) since they can get lazy over the phone. i wanted a hamptons optic hobo, but macys doesn't carry it, AND none of the sales ladies knew what i was talking about...
  4. Macy's only gets certain styles, and the bag you're wanting is not among them to my knowledge. Myself and a couple of the other SA's at my boutique were discussing the whole Macy's/Nordie's thing the other day and it annoys us a little that they're the only ones getting the medium Carly in certain fabrics-- we think Coach stores should get every style but there are certain styles that are department store only.

    ANYWAY. Yeah. Macy's only gets certain styles. :yes:
  5. My Macy's only has the weekend patchwork stuff and the watercolor stripe stuff....none of the pretty Hamptons Weekend in Black, Blue, Green...:sad:
  6. my coach has everything the coach store has and more.. at least at some point or another.. and mine does have the whole hamptons line with an additional color-- gold!
  7. I think that's because you live in NY Katy, you are so lucky =)
  8. lol yeah! i m always at that macys! u can do a phone order if u want :smile:
  9. Can you do a phone order from home if you have the UPC/SKU number?
  10. yeah u have to call a store and they do it... the store that has it

    example, u call ur local store or go over there (way better to go over) and they will tell u which store has it and give u the number, then u call that store and they ship it to u by phone make sure u tell them u have the coupon and give them the code
  11. ^^Thanks for the info, katrynar!^^
  12. ur welcome! goo luck!!