macys pasadena ca closing sale

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  1. Macys sale everything 25-50% off. The are stripping out the store. This is the store on lake ave in pasadena.
  2. WOW!! I can't believe they are closing.. too bad I can't get down to Pasadena right now.... I hope everyone gets great deals
  3. When did the sale start? When does it end?

    When's the last day the store will be open?
  4. Glad to hear it will be opening again. I love that store. I have used to shop there all the time when I was a lot younger.
  5. They redid a Macy's near me after hurriance damage. I talked to an employe from that store and was told most of the stuff in the store went to Marshalls, so be on the look out.
  6. The sale only started yesterday, so there is still tons of great stuff there and they are reducing everything by at least 25%. I think it will finish in a couple of weeks. I never saw so much good stuff reduced at any one time:smile: So if you live close it's worth having a look.
  7. Hmm, not sure if its better to go now for the deals or wait till later on.

    I went to the WestCo Macy's that was closing down in Jan. When I had found out about the close out it had already been going on for 2 weeks. Bought a bunch of items for 60% and an additional 20% if you buy 5 or more items.

    :shocked: Ok I'm going crazy because I went to WestCo mall this weekend and Macys was open. :confused1:

    I might hold off so whoever goes, please report back your findings!
  8. even make ups/jewelry are on sale? or just clothing? TIA

  9. Cosmetics are excluded. I'm not sure about jewelry, but you can try calling ahead.
  10. I went there last night here's a quick update:

    they took out the gold /diamond jelwery, but all the other jelwery is there on sale including watches. handbag section is getting a bit sparse (probably about 50% left). Ther best area is actually the shoes, but might wait until they discount more (although I did buy one pair already;)
    Cosmetics seem not to be on sale at all.
    I think they close end of april

    hope this helps:smile:
  11. Yes, that was very helpful! I definitely need to make a trip soon. :wlae:
  12. is this an upscale macy's? i have my eye on some paige jeans.
  13. i went this weekend, no HE jeans left, they sent them all away to other stores. almost no designer stuff left, lots of INC stuff. shoes were a nightmare, for only 25% off. the only good things i saw were luggage 40% off lots of travelpro and housewares..henckles, etc...
  14. it wasnt worth going. they didnt have much stuff left. the shoe department was indeed a nightmare. it took forever to get shoes to try on and it was only 25% off. you could probably get better deals elsewhere w/o the headache.