Macy's Own Tote Bag

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  1. Hi I live in the UK and am hoping someone can help with a question I have in regards to Macy's own tote bags as I am visiting the States later this year and want to buy a couple as gifts and would like some info before I get there.
    I have seen them on their website and also on Ebay and noticed some have 'Macy's New York' on them and some just 'Macy's'
    Does anyone know if Macy's stores in different states have their own Macy's tote bags
    for example if I bought one say at the Mall of America would it say that on the bag
    I am not going to New York would like one from the place I visit if that is possible.

    Hope I have made my question clear
  2. I live in SF/bay area California and the reusable totes that i have from Macy's only says "Macy's" and "" on them.
  3. Thanks for your reply
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