Macy's - One Day Sale

  1. I wonder if this applies for the Impulse department too.
  2. It says an extra 25% off on clearance, but the sweater I've been eyeing on Clearance is the same price it was last weekend. grr. The ring I wanted is a bit cheaper though (but not as good as at Christmastime). Forwarded that link to my mom to see what she thinks about it (as she has her own SA at Macys').

    Thanks for the link! :smile:
  3. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. I also found this to be the case!
  5. I went today and they did have some decent deals. I found a super cute pair of Roxy wided leg jeans for 17.50 only, a pair of Jessica Simpson leather flats for 14 and one sweater for 8 bucks. They have so many pairs of boot for extra 50% off but none on my size :sad:
  6. Oh I forgot to say, there was an extra 25%, 40% and 50% off clearance.

    Shoes were buy two get extra 20% off on top of the other disscounts.
  7. I scored a De'longhi Espresso Maker (Orig. 180) for $39 bucks!:yahoo:

    Okay, it was $59, but had a star-rewards coupon for additional $20 off a $50 purchase - which made it $39!

  8. Good deal on the espresso maker!!! I could not live w/ out my de'longhi :tup:
  9. Thanks for posting! I'm thinking of buying some things off of my own registry... my stainless flatware is cheaper than I've ever seen it!
  10. Thanks for posting. I bought a crap load of stuff today.
  11. i went today, and kinda just scanned. I am way to lazy to dig thru stuff on these sales... I browsed a bit, but the store looked like they were hit by a tornado, so ofcourse I didn't find anything. I walked out EMPTY HANDED:wtf:
  12. I totally missed it! but thanks for posting!