Macy's One Day Sale

  1. thanks for posting this event !

    To make it even better:
    my friend actually sent me an additional coupon! Extra $10 off $25 coupon!!! ENJOY!

    ... okay i dont know why but it wont let me attach this PDF file! =((((

    well if you would like it PM me, and i will send it to you via email (so please include your email addy) when i can

    it is only valid today (friday) and tomorrow (saturday)
    BEFORE 1 PM !!!
    and its also not available at the store !

    it may be available in some newspapers but i dont know which ones!

  2. Oooh, I need to check out some bedding. Off to look at the prices!
  3. Here's the $10 off coupon:

    Please note, it's valid only in AL, GA, KY, LA, NC, OK, SC, TN and TX.

    This means I can't use it :sad: so I hope the rest of you all can!
  4. I swear i got that coupon in a Macys flyer this week @ home so keep your eyes open! And I'm in MA not the above states.
  5. I got that coupon from Macys by email and it doesn't mention any states.
  6. Ok, I just found the coupon for all states.

    I have it as a PDF, is there a way I can easily convert it into a file I can paste or send here?

  7. Can I use the coupon living canada?

    thank you ,,
  8. Ooh, thanks for sharing. I've been meaning to get some new bedding!
  9. It's not showing up. Can you PM it to me or repost it? Thanks

  10. Thank you so much!! Can you also pm me please. :yes:
  11. It's probably a little late to let everyone know but I didn't have a coupon and the cashier had one at the reg that she scanned for me. that was pretty cool.