Macy's One Day Sale Saturday Aug 18th

  1. Thanks for the post!
  2. thank you for the tip!
  3. thanks for the heads up!
  4. What happens during "preview day"?
  5. Thanks.
  6. Technically, the "One Day" sale is Saturday. However, the prices are actually in effect on Friday, as a "preview" to the sale. You can buy on Friday often without the crouds, and get a better selection of items before the Saturday crunch. There's also "morning" or "early bird" sales, with extra percent off for early risers - prices change at noon and extra discounts disappear.

    Okay, I know WAY to much about Macy's sales!! Just ask my Macy's card!
  7. Bummer. Doesn't look like it's valid for NY
  8. Mmmmmm....some shoes I've been eyeing...will have to see if they go on sale!
  9. Yes, it's happening in NYC too!
  10. I LOVE THIS SALE!!! Thanks for the reminder!
  11. Wow!! I'm impressed...:smile:You should be on their payroll!
  12. lol! ahh bagachondriac i swear you are one of the main contributors to the fact that i'm BROKE! i'll be there though!
  13. Hi there. I've never been to their sale. I am visiting SF this month and it's now 11:20 AM here in SF time. Too bad I miss today's morning specials.
    Wondering if I should head over there today or wait for tomorrow morning?
  14. I checked there last Thursday, and the lady there told me all the finr jewery,clothes and home supplies will be on 50% sales.