macy's one-day sale preview - lots on sale - biasia, kors, betsey johnson

  1. i just bought a michael kors saratoga satchel for $195.75, regular price $348. go get 'em!

    the official one-day sale starts tomorrow (11/17/07).
  2. I went to Macy's today and it has a lot of good deals. I wonder if this is even better than the after thanksgiving sale. Extra 50% off on top of the 25% off on clearance handbags. Can't beat that.
  3. This was a good sale day for me at Macy's. I got a $65 Fossil watch for my little niece for $22, and a $350 coat for DH for $140.
  4. I was surprised of all the good deals today at Macy's. I was looking for a dress, but saw a leather jacket for only $65 and bought some Bandolino boots for $75.
  5. totally agreed. i went this morning and they had good deals especially the morning sale. i picked up a dress for my work holiday party. some home stuffs. Oh so happy.
  6. Oh! I missed that...:sad:

  7. Before I go :yahoo:all over my living room, let me ask: are clearance bags going to be an extra 50% off on black friday? I knew about the 20% off with the macy's card but haven't heard of this. Please enlighten.
  8. for a while, the black friday site i go to has the macy's black friday ad. on the ad, there's a $10 off $25 coupon, for purchase on sale and clearance item before 1pm. also, clearance hangbags are extra 50% off (some exclusion apply).
  9. argh! missed it!
  10. OMG....I went to a Macy's near me yesterday. They had a BIG mark down for michael kors. 50% OFF then additional 40% after....:nuts:
    Bought two leather satchels (one tan and one black) for less than $180. What a deal!
  11. GAH missed it!
  12. Bought two pairs of shoes... they are cute, but they didn't have an additional % off of shoes! Ah well, at least I had an extra 20% coupon that I used...