Macy's One day Sale (8/16)

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  1. So I cruised on by the Coach section in Macy's on my way to the boutique. All the patchwork was 30% off, there were a few pieces of hamptons, heritage, tonals also 30% off.
  2. Argh, that could be bad news for my credit cards :smile:
  3. Lol! Me too....

    (pretending i did not read this thread)
  4. KofP had alot of stuff out that has been really picked over. They had the blue and the white Madeline (been there forever), Some pink Heritage wallets and 1 small tote, some of the khaki and indigo PW bags, tonal carlys, 2 picked over Bleecker duffles and some odds and ends. Some key fobs are on sale too.
  5. The Macy' in Fashion Valley (San Diego), CA was extremely picked over. Very disappointing. Nothing I couldn't live without.