Macy's Nyc

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  1. I went tonight. they JUST got in more riviting bags. i heard the SA say she got them out like an hour ago. they have the ivoire epi but it's not out. the SA i spoke to (that um i think i have a crush on. how ridic is that?) said they have greyish purple undertones. he said they had been taking them out but they were getting dirty (!?!) so now they're keeping them in the back til the launch.

    i am super :cursing: because it turns out my SA who, if you remember, i had big trouble with never waitlisted me for the dentelle ludlow. i should have known. ultimately i don't care because i don't want it anymore but dude, she took my cc info. it's the second thing she took my info for and did not follow through on at all. i am so :cursing: . i almost want to call her on it but what good would that do me?

    anyway they had tons of inclusion, jack and lucie and i think the charms scarves at herald square in case anyone is looking. tell joshua i said hi. :graucho:
  2. uugg... Guess Macy's NYC is one place I'm not going to shop at!
  3. why not?
  4. are you afraid of my new boyfriend?
  5. :lol: I've only been to Manhattan once and :heart: it. Now I live here on the east coast. I'm being very cautious as to were I'm going to shop especially if they're going to forget to put me on a wait list!:sad:

    Naugh... I'm not afraid of your bf. I found my *new* dhand that's why I'm stuck here on the east!:shrugs:
  6. oh phew. i thought you were going to steal him from me. he's CUTE.
  7. oh it was bloomies that screwed up the wl. not macy's. they were supposed to put me on the macy's wl because they weren't getting the ludlow at their store.
  8. easy there tiger.....:graucho:
  9. hehe, macy's lv is my fav
  10. :lol: Nope... I said "never"! You know what happens after that saying?:p

    Well... I guess we have to check this guy out for you then??;)
  11. i wanna know if he liked me liked me or thought i was a cash cow for having so much lv on me. i looked like poo though so i think it was the former.
  12. hlfinn, that male SA is the hottest thing since sliced bread, I totally agree :girlsigh:
  13. ^ ROFL!!! someone take a pic of him, I'm intrigued!
  14. ooh you know him???? joshua? he's the cutest ever. i never saw him there before but i don't go there that often.
  15. wow, i didnt know they sold lv's at the nyc macy's... i thought it was only neiman's or Saks. anyways, does anyone know if u can buy lv's with macy's gift cards or store credit?