Macy's (NorCal/SF Bay Area) Stoneridge has Spiaggia's!

  1. Went there today on a whim and saw they had the Spiaggia's on the floor. Strange though that they were all displayed on the back wall, rather than on the front tables.

    I picked up a zucca, campeggio, porta, ciao ciao, bv, stellina, canguro, and bambione. I decided to buy all of these now and I'll return what I don't want later. They also had a dolce and some gioco. :smile:
  2. Is this the FIRST sighting at a Macy's??????
  3. oh snap u bought 8! lol ne ciaociaos left?
  4. oooo I might need to check out macy's here to see if they got any new shipments in. Still searching to exchange for a perfect stellina!
  5. bubblesung - I bought the last one on the floor but the salesperson said that they had more in back. Regarding the 8 bags, I know I'm going to return some otherwise I risk hearing my husband moan and groan, "Oh no, more bags?!" :smile:
  6. lol that's too funnie though u walking out with 8 bags lolz i have to check it out on friday before work =)
  7. I bet people were staring and thinking "baller!" Hahahahaha
  8. ^hahahaha! that's so funny. i'd be thinking that!! LOL!

    now i want to check!! i don't even have ONE spiaggia yet! lol
  9. dangggg...wait, why didn't you just look at the bags there and just got what you really wanted instead of snatching them all up? idk, i guess i never understood why people grab everything they see, then return alot of it. I guess it's because I don't have ALOT of money, I just buy what I really want and leave the rest for others.
  10. :wacko:
  11. jessakamitz - have you ever tried shopping with a cranky baby and a toddler before? they doesn't always give me the free time to stand there and leisurely look around while shopping. hence the reason i grab what i think i may like then and return later. i'm not trying to be greedy, i'm trying to make do with the situations i've been given.
  12. I wasn't saying YOU were greedy, I was talking about people in general..most of them don't have reasons for doing it, but I guess you do.
  13. I do that too, but only have one toddler running around in circles. Can't imagine every shopping with two. Gotta grab and go most of the time. Unless there's a tv around playing cartoons.
  14. ohhh thanks for the heads up!
  15. Same for me..I understand Mama22boys! I have an 8 yr & 15 mo. w/them FORGET IT!!!! I always make bad decisions when they're in tow....its very hard to think when one is yapping and asking questions and the other is fussing and wanting out of his stroller! That's why I've been shopping on the internet! But. you are SO LUCKY to be able to shop in a store for your tokis!!!!! :girlsigh: with or w/out kids!