Macys Mislabel Pirata~

  1. I think they are teasing us.:graucho:
  2. Ugh, evil Macy's!! :crybaby: I want my Amore nowww~~
  3. I've clicked on it a few times just so I can drool over the amore gioco which I'll be getting. He! He! :drool:
  4. Ooh lucky lucky!! I can only afford a $130 bag + a denaro... I'm still trying to decide between mamma mia and bambinone! :confused1: Which onee~~
  5. Hey, at least you are getting two items. A bag and a wallet. It just depends, I say mamma mia but it depends on what color the mesh pockets are? Hopefully, they are tan and not black. If they are black, then I would go with the bambinone instead. Do you know which one you are leaning more towards?
  6. I'm half and half right now. I'd pick the mamma mia because I would be able to get more of the print on it, and it's a shoulder-ish bag - but the mesh pockets do bother me a bit, since they would look quite nastaaay if they were black. Mm, and the bambinone because it's adorable and more of the size bag I would lean towards - but the strap (although it can be shortened) may end up being too long for me, and I want to get a lot of the print~

    :push: I hate choices!
  7. You could always cut off the pockets like envii toki did to hers and it looks great w/out it!
  8. Oh I know~~ I am sooo jealous of her excellent job! Knowing me, I'd mess up somehow and cut the bag by accident, or be left with unchoppable little black threadies. If the pockets were tan, then that'd be a different story. I guess I'll have to wait and see =/
  9. R u all sure its not an actual L'amore n they just labeled it Pirata??? OO I WANT IT SOO BAD!!! is there a specifically set date when the L'amore will come out??
  10. There's another pirata picture that's "currently unavailable" are they getting ready to have the amore come out?? O_O I still don't know what I should get :shrugs: I'm partial to smaller bags but I want all the characters
  11. I don't think they have Amore in stock - it hasn't been released yet. It's set to come out in April/May... sometime around then. So Macys wouldn't be selling it, then~ Especially if the lesportsac site doesn't have Amore available yet~
  12. wow! Macy's has the picture of amore already??? but showing 'Pirata' over there is definitely confusing :confused1: Did someone mention there will be new bag style coming out? I am dying to see them as I am running out of bags to buy - I mean I don't like to get the same bag styles over and over...
  13. TOTALLY!:yes:

  14. I hope they come out with a new bag style. I'd look forward to that..along with a new qee. I mean I only have one tokidoki bag so far but if I wanted more it would still be that sam eold qee over and over.