Macy's Memorial Savings Pass

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  1. Hmmm... the SA at Macy's yesterday told me Tokidoki was not included but it doesn't say that on the coupon. It does say previous purchases are excluded. I may have to do a return and repurchase.....
  2. I used those savings pass on Tokidoki before. Not sure if it's different this time, but it doesn't hard to try. =)
  3. i was able to get 20% using my macys charge today. could i have used that 15% off coupon also? i tend to think they only let you do one.
  4. Happy Memorial Day shopping!!! :smile:

    Just wish the Macy's here had toki. Does anyone know if these are good online?
  5. its weird because the pass i got in the mail says 15% on sale and clearance priced items only...sooo...does that mean non-sale toki wont get the discount?

    and hoot, i dont think they'll let you stack discounts :[ i tried to help my friend do that, get 20% off for using their macys card and this coupon for $25 off a purchase of $100 but the SA wouldnt let me =/ maybe if you get a clueless SA though you might get away w/ it :biggrin:
  6. Even if it is a clueless associate it wouldn't help... The reason we don't stack discounts is because the register will only accept one coupon, if you try to use another it just won't add the other discount.
  7. sometimes it works because the SA will put it in by hand :shrugs: that's how you get extra sometimes ;) if they type a # wrong!
  8. wait so what macys has toki- and what kind???
  9. The Macy's here stacks all the time. They have never questioned it or had a problem with the register.
  10. you're lucky dreamsoftoki, they dont stack discounts here either!
  11. Thats sucks it excludes prev purchases, I just bought the last Pirata Campeggio and i'm afraid if I return it someone else will snag it up! Oh Well
  12. oooh I want to shop at your Macy's DreamsOfToki!! Oh man would I LOVE it if my Macy's stacked coupons!! :biggrin:

    one can dream ... ahh
  13. .
  14. Does Herald Square Macy's have spiaggia yet??? :confused1: