Macys LV question

  1. Hello everyone!

    I would like to know if the Macys locations that have LV boutique if they accept Macys store credit card?
  2. anybody!! :smile:
  3. I'm sure they would..I know at the Neiman's LV here, they take the Neiman's card.
  4. Yes they do :yes: You can also do a phone order and charge it on your macys card.

    They take macy*s gift card too HOWEVER you can't do a phone order with a gift card, you must be physically present with the gift cards to use it.
  5. thank u thank u thank u!!!!!!!!! someone please tell me where they have macys-lv locations?
  6. there's one in Macy's on 34th St. in Manhattan
  7. call 866 and ask them for the macys locations :smile:
  8. There is one at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island too.
  9. You can also try and check their store locations for your area. It will tell you if it is inside a department store or if it's freestanding.
  10. wow! thank you everyone!

    very helpful ! :heart:
  11. I'm so bummed. Our Macy's, which all were Kaufmann's until this past summer, don't even carry LV! And neither does the Lord & Taylor (the highest-end dept. store in town.)
  12. I just called 866 vuitton...very helpful lady!

    I got 3 locations just in case any1 else is interested?

    Manhattan: 212-594-9740

    Garden City somewhere in NY: 516-746-8200 ext 2430

    Somewhere in Illinois: 630-684-2411

  13. Does anyone know if I am ordering from CA, but gonna purchase from lets say NY...which tax would they charge me?
  14. I'm not sure, they will tell you that they have to input your info into the comp and then they can tell you. IF possible I would order from a Saks, they don't charge sales tax when shipping.

  15. really? omg thank u so much for sharing that! i have a Saks card too!