Macy's LV Boutique

  1. Does anyone know if you could use your Macy's card at the LV Boutique inside Macy's Herald Sq?
  2. I'm pretty sure you can
  3. I think you can. Just to be 100% sure I would call them and make sure.
  4. yes, you can...I have done it before.
  5. Thanks guys, I'm gonna try on Saturday. So not looking forward to the mob scene. :smile:
  6. Have a good time
  7. good luck!
  8. have fun!
  9. Yes. My Macy's card has suffered there !!!
  10. Ohhh, have fun! it's a beautiful day in NYC today!
  11. Yush :yes:.

    Have fun, can't wait to see what ya get!!!!:heart:
  12. So, what did you buy?????
  13. I bet it was crazy in the Herald Square Macy's! There's a huge crowd on a normal weekend
  14. This may be a dumb question but can you use a macy's gift card there?!?