Macys Labor Day Sale

  1. I just got back from Fashion Island Macy's. I got a AS Campeggio for $66 (with tax). They are having their 40% off clearance sale with the extra15% off if you use your Macy's card. So that was 25% then 40% then 15% off price.

    They still had a couple of AS Ciao Ciaos and some Canguros and a Pirata Canguro. Nothing in the back (I asked). I don't know about what might be at South Coast.

    The sale starts today and ends next week. The bags were not marked down as 40% off on the clearance area, I had to ask. I had my flyer with me just in case but they ran up as 40% extra off.
  2. What a great deal congrats!
  3. woww i just paid 128 for a campeggio from the outlets. you got yours for half as much :biggrin:
  4. congrats on your great deal, and thanks for the tip :smile:
  5. Awesome deal !
  6. WOWWW, is this for Fashion Island only??
  7. My Macy's flyer had it was THE BIG Macy's Labor Day sale so I think it is for all Macy's. Now whether a Macy's has any Tokidoki in the clearance bags that is another story. The sale only is good for clearance handbags (plus other things at Macy's but Tokidoki was all I was interested in).

    The problem would be that you really have to go there, calling is totally worthless.
    thanks for the heads up :heart:
  9. ugh.. this sucks. None of the Macy's out here sell LeSportSac :crybaby:so not fair 'cuz i have my macy's card and i got those coupons too.
  10. Ugh, I feel you. I've called the Macy's bag department requesting item checks on tokidoki and they seriously don't know what the hell I'm asking. :push:
  11. of the SAs at the Macy's near me is a tokidoki fiend so there might not be much left for me...but I will hav to check it out. Thanks for letting us know!
  12. just came back (wouldve came back early but some bum decided to hit my car) anyways... my sister bought a AS ciao ciao for school :smile:
  13. aww I wish I had read this earlier... I went to fashion island yesterday but didn't know they were on extra sale :sad:
  14. I am glad you (well your sister at least) were able to get something.

    Was anybody else able to get something at the discount/
  15. I bought an AS Ciao Ciao, but I'm not sure I'm going to keep it. It had really good placement though, so I couldn't resist. I got it for $85.