Macy's - Insulting SA!

  1. DH and I stopped by the mall today and of course, I had to check out the Coach section of Macy's. I was just browsing when the SA behind the Coach counter stopped me to ask if my purse was a 'real' Coach. I was carrying my whiskey leather Ali. I told her yes and she replied (with complete attitude!) that she hadn't seen it before and rolled her eyes at me! I immediately walked away. The legacy leather shoulder flap (in whiskey) was being sold there! Granted, it's not exactly the same, but definitely similar. Regardless, if a customer seems interested, wouldn't a SA want to make a sale? :cursing:

    My DH was in the men's section and once I told him the story, even he was offended. He said it's not like you're walking around with a clothe bag that has a ton of crooked C's!
  2. OMG! That is so horrible! I can't believe that SA did not know her own products any better!

    I am sorry you had to go through that. I think I would have blown a fuse and wanted to make sure she knew what she did was wrong. I would have requested to speak to her manager. That is such bad customer service.

    Maybe you can still go and complain, so she doesn't keep behaving this way to future customers?
  3. How rude. You should have said something back to her, like "maybe you've never seen it because you can't afford REAL Coach." I would have reported her to a manger or something. Sorry you had a bad experience!
  4. I would definitely call the store and complain! That is totally unacceptable!
  5. that's just rude. some people don't have a filter!
  6. Oh that is insulting, but as someone said on this forum before, rememeber, they are just employees of a store, not obsessed Coach-nuts like we are!!! To them its "just another day at the office" when they go in, right? Still no excuse for being insulting, but she probably doesnt know too much about Coach, especially since it happened at a department store, not the Coach store. I know that unless people know me (and know that I carry exclusvely Coach bags), they would probably see just another leather bag, not the Ali I have been drooling over since before Christmas that I finally got!!! Just know that you have a true Coach classic and be the bigger person. I would probably have stopped, showed her the bag, gave her a quick lesson about how Coach sells classic leather bags too, not just bags with C's all over them, and been on my way, head held high!
  7. Call store speak to manager and COMPLAIN
  8. I agree that what the SA said was rude, but this comment back is just plain mean.
  9. You could also say that what the SA said was "plain mean."
  10. OMG!!! That is horribul! I can't believe she was so rude to you. I would call and complain.
  11. Please complain to the store manager! those types of comments are not acceptable, and the store needs to be aware so other customers are not subjected with the same terrible treatment!!!
  12. I say it is her loss and also pathetic that she would ever mistake a leather legacy bag for a fake. She shouldn't even have to ask.
  13. She was just plain rude to you. I would have just told her that she needs some Coach 101 lessons if she is working with them and rolled my eyes right back. You know, every store I go in has untrained individuals! Such bad service these days, if I'm in a grocery store and ask where the Velveeta cheese is the employee points to the cheese refrigerator. Velveeta is never kept there. Don't they know that? lol
  14. I think I'm going to talk w/ my cousin who used to work at that particular Macy's and ask for her advice. She's since been transferred to another store but knows the majority of the managers there. From what she's told me recently, many of the Macy's employees are completely disgruntled due to poor management and compensation (the store hasn't done well in the Chicago area since switching from Marshall Fields). I'm sure she'll point me in the right direction for complaints.

    Thanks for all of your advice. I just walked away because I have the tendency to keep going off when I'm really mad. Sometimes it's just better not to start and take a deep breathe!
  15. Macy's is laying off employees...hopefully that SA is one of them.