Macys in West Coast..

  1. I've gone to several Macys in Los Angeles area and noticed something very interesting...they have restocked in famiglia print. Many styles and at least 3 each.
    And all the tutti are gone. weird is that.
    anyone know when they will be getting transporto in?
    I still didnt see any at Nordstrom.
  2. I noticed that in Nordstrom too. They had tons of restocked Famiglia and nothing else. But I'm in the Bay Area, so maybe it's a CA thing?
  3. i think they only way i'd ever buy famiglia anything is when its on sale the way pirata and AS are :p
  4. The Macys in San Francisco at Union Square has Tutti and famiglia and the solid white and black purses and a few porta-something l'amores.
  5. I'm one of the weirdos who :heart::heart::heart: Famiglia. My Famiglia MM is my most-used bag. I can't wait for a Macy's super-super-sale so I can pick up a couple more pieces.

  6. Tokidoki never goes on sale at macys no matter how much they have left.
  7. I've not seen Trasporto at macy's yet. However I have seen it at the Irvine Spectrum Nordstrom.

    The macy's at the Irvine Spectrum, and Fashion Island are just about cleaned out. I'm assuming it's because of all the sales lately. I got a AS Ciao Ciao during the sale. It's cute with a lot of caracters, but I just don't think I'll use it. I'm thinking I'm taking it back.

    The South Coast Plaza store has a ton of Tutti and Famiglia left.
  8. I think Lesportsac has a lot of Famiglia for restocking as well. When Happy Six in LA got their Trasporto shipment, they also got several boxes of Famiglia, including Mamma Mias and Caramellas.
  9. What, I thought that only Hawaii and Guam would have Mama Mia's....... for the last 3 prints. But they have it in famiglia?
  10. humm that's kind of interesting... I haven't really seen any new restocks of famiglia... although now I really need a l'amore dolce... I just bought a famiglia dolce the other day w/ a $20 off coupon :smile:
  11. Tokidoki does go on sale at Macy's.

    Either when the print is really old [Pirata - I know!], or when they're having their Red Star weekends where you receive extra discounts for using your Macy's account. I got my $160.00 Pirata gioco for $67.00 because it was on sale [25% off], I opened a new Macy's account [15%], it was a Red Star weekend [15% off], and they were having another promotion where if you opened a new account you received an extra 15% off.

    So, yeah. Macy's has discounts on tokidoki. XD
  12. The last three prints are Tutti, Trasporto, and Vacanze. We still had MM's here on the mainland for Famiglia.

  13. HOLY CRAP! That's a steal! Aurgh how I wish we get those kinda deals!! :push:
  14. Check with your Macy's - maybe you do. ^_^
  15. Unfortunately, Macy's East never has TD on sale :sad: