Macy's in-store savings pass for Nov 1 - 4

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  1. Are there any exclusions?
  2. It doesn't look like there are any exclusions. Usually they are listed at the bottom, right?
  3. Yes, it ALWAYS has exclusions at the bottom listing "COACH" and practically everything else!
  4. thanks for the saving pass
  5. From the back of the card:

    "EXCLUDES: Cosmetics and fragrances, fine and fashion watches, Lacoste, Impulse, Wacoal, Coach, Dooney & Bourke, designer and bridge handbags and shoes, selected mens designers, etc, etc,... also, selected women's designers - which generally is I.N.C., Nine West, Ralph Lauren, etc.
  6. that's pretty much all the good stuff, that sucks.
  7. They exclude all the good stuff! I was already making plans, lol. Thanks for the posting the pass, though! Maybe I could use it on something else.
  8. It says :

    "Use this pass with your Macy's Card"

    I don't have a Macy's Card, do you think I can still get the discount?
  9. It's so unfortunate that I can never use my passes/coupons. All my shopping is done in the excluded departments. I shopped there yesterday but couldn't use my birthday coupon. The least they could do is to send those with no stipulation. I'm sending them email right now letting them know that I'm closing my account if nothing changes.
  10. Hopefully that doesn't include LeSportsac. I want to see if the new Tokidoki is in tomorrow.
  11. no, Tokidoki isn't excluded ;]
  12. Usually the Friends & Family coupons have less exclusions.