Macys in Stoneridge has new shipments of Pirata, Adios Star, and L'amore!!

  1. hey ladies, i just got back from stoneridge and the macys there has a new HUGE shipment of pirata! i saw 4 pirata zuccas, a luna, and 2 nuvolas...styles you HARDLY ever see in stores! and for adios star there were 2 zuccas :O for l'amore there was a go check it out if u can! :biggrin:
  2. You're tempting me!
  3. That's funny, I went to Macy's in Fashion Valley today and they got a ton of the same thing. I saw 4 Pirata Zuccas, 2 Adios Zuccas, some Nuvolas, etc.. similar shipment. But no Denaros to be found..
  4. yeah there was a shipment sometime this week too... they had new adios and pirata... a lot of zuccas! nothing I wanted tho :sad: hey leen do you remember what was on the adios star zuccas? I'm looking for one and I'm hoping for a puuurdy placement
  5. momo - any more amore dolces? I didn't get my puuuurfect placement and am looking to exchange..
  6. no, no dolces whatsoever =/ actually, the Pirata was the print in abundance...adios and lamore were kinda just there...even tho the lamore had a luna smack dab in the middle of the display table...i like it, but i dont travel enough to condone that bag =/ i was REALLY surprised to see 4 pirata zuccas, 2 pirata nuvolas, and 2 adios of the adios zuccas had beautiful print placement on the front too...but i'm scared to get it dirty so i didnt get it :[ the nuvolas are pretty awesome, just not awesome print placement for me. blah...too bad it wasnt lamore, otherwise i'd snatch it up!
  7. oh i checked out the adios star zuccas...and they zuck'da ahaha.. they had a poor bastardino cut in half on the edge.. then half a latte.. so, nah none of them were worth mentioning.