Macy's In New York City

  1. Hi!! :p I'm going down to NYC next Wednesday, and I was wondering any good places to find tokidoki - especialy Macy's. I've heard that the one on Herald Square sells the bags... are there any other places I can look? Thank you so much!! :yes: :biggrin:
  2. yay for another NYC visitor!

    bags - Macy's 34th Street, Lord & Taylor, Century 21, Filene's, Loehmann's
    tees - Yellow Rat Bastard, Virgin Mega Store (either Times Square or Union Square/14th Street)
    vinyls - toy tokyo, kid robot
  3. Yay!! Where are the Lord & Taylor, Centry 21, Filene's, and Loehmann's located? I just need to know which streets or general area or whatnot... I'm going to be dragging my BF around all day in search of a bag good enough to break my ban for :p

    I'm so excited for the city!! We live upstate, but we don't come down as often as I'd like :sad:~
  4. Lord & Taylor is located at 424 Fifth Avenue between 38th and 39th Streets. When you enter, the handbag department is to your left. It within walking distance from Macy's 34th Street/Herald Square if you plan on hitting up both stores. There are lots of trains that can take you to Macy's - N, R, Q, W, B, D, F, V and then you can walk to L&T from there. Or you want to go to L&T first, you can take the B, D, F or V to 42nd Street/Bryant Park and walk to L&T from there. You'll know you're going in the right direction if you pass in front of the main branch of the NY Public Library ... there are 2 stone lions out front (if you ever saw Ghostbusters :lol:)

    Filene's Basement is located at 4 Union Square South so it's at 14th Street. The store is housed in the same building as DSW shoe warehouse. if you want to take the elevator up, go to the 4th floor. If you take the escalator, just keep going up past DSW. The 4, 5 and 6 trains take you here. Also the N, R and W and maybe the Q ...

    Century 21 is located at 22 Cordlandt Street between Church and Broadway. I suggest you go in from the Church Street entrance because once you go in, the handbag section is on the right hand side. The last stop on the E train brings you right here. If you sit at the front of the train, just exit and walk 1 and a half blocks or so and the store is right there.

    as for Loehmann's ... I've actually never been to one so I don't know where they're located but I recall people saying that they found tokis there.
  5. Thank you SO much :tup:
  6. anytime :biggrin: I hope you and your bf have a great time here!!!
  7. Your BF must really :heart: you to spend the whole day shopping for Toki. My husband drove me to the LeSportsac store when the pirata came out and started getting impatient while I was :confused1: over the print placement on my bags.

    Make sure when you visit the Macy's in Herald Square that you visit the handbag department on the 1st floor and the junior's department on the 4th floor. If you take the escalator, make a right when you get off and around the first corner will be the whole Toki display next to Harajuku Lovers.

    I was just at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square last Tuesday and they have Toki t-shirts and the adios and ciao ciao vinyls currently in stock (no caramellas or denaros). All their Toki stuff was on the lowest level of the store.

    Have fun shopping and definitely let us know what you pick up!