Macys In New York City

  1. My boyfriend and I are spending the day in New York City on March 17th to celebrate my birthday (which is the 18th~ 18 on the 18th! :biggrin:), and we both decided to wander about in search of tokidoki :3 He thinks my bag obsession is cute, so I figure if he's down with it... why not hunt! I was wondering if any of you know of stores in NYC that sell tokidoki bags. The Macys upstate (where I live) don't sell toki at all~ Would it be safe to bet that the Macys in NYC does? (Since it's ginormous!)

    Thanks so much! :yes:
  2. Well there's a lot of place you can get ahold of tokidokis in nyc. If you go to Soho, there's a lesportac store which has hard-to-find styles such as zucca. Around soho area there's also bloomingdales which sells tokidoki. I think most macys in nyc would have tokidokis too. Good luck for your hunt!
  3. We were planning on swinging by the LeSportSac in SoHo - I read reviews of the store, and they were all awesome! I figured that NYC would be a great place to find toki - haha, my poor boyfriend will just be dragged around all day long :p
  4. If I remember correctly at Macy's most of the tokidoki stuff is on the 4th floor... um I think it's the 4th. It's the juniors section. I haven't been in a couple of months. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Oh, it's the juniors! Thanks so much for the info! I had been planning on asking someone there when we got into the store... but this saves me valuable hunt time ;D
  6. When I was in NYC macy's in December they had a few bags on the main level in the handbag dept. and then the majority of the tokidoki bags were in the junior's department. I don't remember the floor it could be 4 but there's def. more than what's in the handbag dept.

    You can also get toki at the Madison Ave Lesportsac store in NYC. And someone had said Bloomies in soho, that's right, they have them too!

    Happy 18th and good luck tokihunting!! :party:
  7. I was in Lord& Taylor in NYC today and they had a bunch of these bags and accessories. L&T is at 39th and 6th. A much nicer, more civilized place to visit than Macy's herald square in my opinion. macys is always a mad house, but L&T tends to be calmer, and they carry some lovely things.:heart:
  8. Ooh, thanks for the info... I didn't know L&T had toki!! :love: L&T is 100 times better than is hell on earth!! :sos:
  9. You should definitely check out LeSportsac store in SoHo. Couple of weeks I went there with my BF for the first time and he thought tokidoki's are cute! :yes: He asked me the next day, "What was that bag store we went to yesterday? The name hokie poki or something..?" Hahahah I was dying laughing he said hokie poki. LOL
  10. hoki pokie...too cute!! :lol:
  11. Wow, awesome! I didn't even think to search through L&T~ Great to know that they've got a selection!!
  12. I like the Sportsac store on the upper eastside...madison and 82nd I think. They have a great window display.
  13. They have the biggest lesportsac I've ever been in...I think that's their flagship store. That's actually where I got my first toki bag!! :yahoo: That's where it all started for me...the rest is history!! :love:
  14. Is it only the big Macy's store in NY that puts the tokidoki stuff in the Juniors department??? Or should I be looking there in my local Macy's as well? They do have it in the regular purse department but maybe there is MORE hidden away in Juniors?

    What about Nordstrom's? I was in Nordstrom's in Denver last week and they had NO tokidoki stuff in their purse department (and I didn't ask). Should I have checked Juniors there too???
  15. I think it is only at the flagship store in Herald Square that they split the Toki bags between the Juniors and Handbag departments. I have been to several other Macy's in the NYC/Long Island area and at all of the other ones, all the Toki bags are grouped with the regular handbags.