Macy's in Harold Square, NYC...

  1. I know they have LV...anything else though? Chanel? Gucci?

    Thank you!
  2. It's a tiny LV, not much good stuff. The rest of the store is a wasteland, imo. Very junky, very poorly laid out and maintained.
  3. Wow-I haven't been there in years-but, Macy's herald Square is their flagship store and it used to beautiful!
  4. And the store itself is always a mad house.
  5. I sure hope that is not the norm for them..:crybaby:
    I have never been in a Macy's but they have bought all of our Marshall Field stores here in Chicago and of course that includes the wonderful one on State Street.
    I am dreading what they are going to do to it...:crybaby:
  6. OMG, don't even get me started on that! All the Macys I've ever been into are so gross and then when I found out they bought Fields I was so upset! I just don't get why they need to homogenize every city in the US. No one here cares about Macys. Lol. Everyone I know thinks Macys is gross and doesn't know why someone would WANT to shop at one! Anyway, I'm guessing if they wanted to keep the standards of Marshall fields they'd change the name to Bloomingdales, since they own that... but since not I'm guessing the store is going down hill from here on out. Wonder when the official name change is??
  7. The Macy's stores where I live are pretty nice. But that is probably because they were a local chain called Bon Marche that was bought by Federated. I've been in other Macy's stores that were really run down. I've also been to the store in Herald Square and I remember being really disappointed in it the first time I was there.
  8. OMG they can't ruin Marshall Fields. Do you think they'll still carry frango mints? Looooovvvveee those!

  9. The LV section was redone,it is much bigger,and nicer. Macy*s is getting crappy. I mostly go to macy*s to look at Bags (LV & COACH),makeup,and their 4th department has miss sixty,Moschino,lacoste,Ana Sui ect. There teen department is:yucky: .
  10. Oh, wow, I didn't know Macy's in Herald (spelled it wrong the first time, I apologize!) Square was gross! The ones in my area are pretty clean and well maintained! But if their LV selection is small, I'd rather go to Saks or LV store on 5th Ave.

    Thank you for your responses!
  11. When they brought up Fields here in Chicago they said they were not going to change the name or the store on State Street.. (around Christmas), then they came out a few months ago and said they were....
    I am so upset about our Fields.....
  12. I agree. We have a gorgeous MF in Troy. I have never been to Macy's, but reading everyone's comments makes me worry.
  13. I think at first they were going to change it, adn then there was such an outcry against them, that they said maybe they wouldn't change state street and yep. Then they decided to go ahead and do it!

    I'm pretty sure they're keeping Frangos. And apparently they're keeping the same buyers, so they *say* that brands aren't going to change. But I'm not very optimistic!

    I just don't get it. Because that is just very unique to Chicago and our history and there is no need to change something if it has a good reputation and good memories attached to it.
  14. the only real designer store they have there is LV. the rest of Macy's is like lower-end designer stuff.

    if you want the high-end stuff, go to Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales
  15. If you go, go to customer service and get the 11% off tourist discount.

    I wouldn't go though ... too many tourists and all the same sort of thing you can find in any regular store.