Macys in Del Amo, South Bay CA

  1. I was over in Del Amo today, they have Familgia bv, gioco,stellina, amore bv(3), they were all 25% off, if you use your macys you get additonal 15%.

    South bay has lots of,campeggio,canguro

    I bought a luna and dolce familgia and amore campeggio.
    And as I was on my way out from Del Amo macys I spotted a lot of tokidoki shirts in junior section. I cant believe they have it. But I was shocked at the price. one shirt cost $44, i mean...even online's regular price is about $31-35. They have the old styles for now so i dont know when they will be getting new ones.

    i have no clue when the sales end, but i know the discount only works on regular price item.
  2. i think i left out some styles.....zucca familgia, campeggio,porta, and canguro
  3. Did you buy the bags right away or was it the presale where the SA keeps it until the 18th?? Any how thanks for the tip.. I'm going to stop by there today!!
  4. oh wow ... your Macy's sells toki tees?! Geez ... why can't they do that here?
  5. Thanks for the info..I'm stopping by after work today!

  6. have to pick them up on 18th since its a presale.