Macy's Impulse Dept Coupon

  1. i'm sorry...but what is an impulse dept???
  2. that is the designer section where normally, the coupons they give out don't work on these items. usually these are marc jacobs, trina turk, dolce gabana, seven jeans, etc...
  3. thank you for sharing
  4. Is this apply to coach handbag?
  5. ^^ No, Impulse is only a specific clothing section. Impulse and Handbags arent usually on the same floor, either.
  6. Does anyone know whether this discount will apply for multiple tops that total higher than $50 or is this only good for a discount on ONE top that totals over $50?

    (Also, note that you must buy denim for this discount to be valid)
  7. actually, i was able to use the coupon without the denim purchase.
  8. How would I know which Macy's have a impulse department?