macy's haul..... new carly girl here

  1. yipee!

    I am now a Carly Club member! I bought the black leather large Carly and the Black Gallery Patent Tote w/ my 20% off email they sent me.... although, she said you dont even need the coupon....
  2. Welcome to the club!!! I recently became a CARLY owner also! Isn't she just wonderful!!!
  3. Pics! Pics! Pics! congratulations on your purchases!:tup:
  4. Congrats and welcome to the club! :smile:
  5. congrats! :tup: Yes, modeling pics please! :yes:
  6. congrats and welcome to our club!!! I wanna see pictures please..
  7. Congrats !!!!!!

    Actually I have been torn about using my PCE on Saturday either for a Carly (med leather- I can't decide on color) or the Hamptons sig satchel in leather....I just don't know what to do, I don't own any satchels because I prefer shoulder bags, but I'm obssessed with that Hamptons for some reason, BUT the Carly would be cheaper and probably more funtional for me....o good grief I'm just so confused, lol !

  8. that is funny you say this, because, i almost ditched my carly for the hamptons black leather.... how ironic! that hamptons is very nice and not too heavy ! sorry i am of no help, i say get both !! :p
  9. Congrats, great purchases, post pics when they come!!!
  10. Oh dear now you have me leaning back towards the Hamptons :smile:
  11. its a hard choice and i am now thinking you should get the hamptons, you have no satchels right??? i favor satchels over most, the carly was a change for me.... that is why i chose it...
  12. Congrats! Pics!
  13. Oh wow!!! That is one amazing haul!!!! I'm so jealous. I'd love to have a leather carly. Congrats! Hope you can post pics for us!:tup:
  14. How exciting!! Congrats!
  15. Congrats! I want to see the gallery tote.