Macy's has Tokis on sale

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  1. Anyone who's interested, Macy's at Roosevelt field has Tokis on sale for 25% off. I remember seeing a 20% coupon floating around which said you can get an additional 20% for opening a new card.
  2. gah!! 25% off at roosevelt field?? lol too bad I can't get there .. unless I convince my brother or dad to drive me ...

    but nope .. must stick to my ban :banned: . I'm gonna be good.

    Thank you for posting!
  3. what prints were on sale? my aunts been wanting an amore for ages but only on sale!
  4. I was holding the spiaggia BV and bambinone in my hands and was THIS CLOSE to buying them when my hubby started lecturing me about spending $$ since I just bought my first, second, (& third he doesn't know about!) this month.
  5. All they had left were the spiaggias. But you could always buy the bag and then exchange for the amore at another Macy's.
  6. hmmmm i wonder if macy's in CA has this same sale..must find out! is this some kinda sale for this week? or for macy's card holders only? details please!
  7. Wow 25 % is a good deal. When did the sale start ? Iw ent yesterday to MAcy's but no sign that saya 25% off toki ?
  8. The Macy's by where I work has had lesportsac 25% off for a couple weeks... but it didn't include Toki's.
  9. oh yeah.. I just remember..It is 25 % regular Lesportsac..not toki. Are we even talking about the same sale ?
  10. The sign was right above the toki display and all it said was 25% off discount taken at register. When I left Macys and went to Bloomies, there was a sign that said 25% off for lesportsac but excludes tokidoki. I'm not sure if it's only limited to the Macys at Roosevelt Field mall.
  11. Oooh, I gotta go to my local Macy's and check it out! Will let you guys know the sitch here.
  12. Ok, I checked it out (Macy's at Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo). No Tokis or LeSportsac on sale! :sad:
  13. yeah I was there at roosevelt field mall last week, I did a price scan on a toki item and it was regular price... unless they changed it to include toki's now