Macys has signature stripe flats!!!!

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  1. They are new NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE!!!

    its like a khaki ballet flat with a pink stripe with a bow in the front!!! comes in black/white and khaki/brown i beleive.. wish i could take pics :sad: anyone else seen em?
  2. Ah heck! Need pics girly!! They sound adorable!
  3. they are... they kind of look like those striped legacy flats that kallison has.. only they are signature and have a colored stripe in the front, along wtih the same bow
  4. :sos: We need pics!
  5. Nordstrom has had them for a while. The punch are adorable with the bow in the front.
  6. i saw them in bloomingdales, their adorable. they had the khaki/punch and khaki/white.
  7. nope. the stripe is going horizontal accross the front and the bow is thicker
  8. They sound cute. I wish I had a Nordies near me.
  9. i saw it at macys... bloomies might have it too
  10. I saw them at bloomie's verrry cute!
  11. I saw them at my Macy's the other day too!! They had a bunch of new shoes in....they had the sig stripe flats, the Thalia wedges, some multistripe flats and slides, and some other signature slides. I may go back tomorrow to try on the Thalias, and will try to get a couple quick pics with my phone.
  12. I saw them at Bloomies! Yes they were cute, they also had some denim ballet flats with a small signature white and blue "scarf" woven around the top.
  13. sound adorable! yay for shoes!!!
  14. Damn, I need pics!