Macy's Friends & Family

  1. Hey all, just a heads up that Macy's West is having their Friends & Family event from 11/29-12/4. It's 20%, 15%, and 10% off depending on what you are purchasing. I believe the only exclusion is Cosmetics and Fragrances. :yes:
  2. Thanks for the info!

    Is it just me, or do others think that this year's F&F discounts aren't as nice as last year's? I clearly remember Macy's F&F discount was 30% off last year, because I used it on a Coach bag that my mom wanted... I remember 30%, 40%, 50% off... but not so this year (so far). Not that I'm complaining, just an observation. ;)
  3. ^ Sorry to question you but are you sure that was macy*s F+F you're thinking about? For the two and a half years that I worked there, the F+F for both the holidays and spring has always been 20%, 15% and 10%.
  4. I don't mind being questioned... after all, my I know I'm capable of having a bad memory. :Push: I guess I could dig up the receipt to confirm, but hey, you work there, so that's good enough for me ;). Which store/dept do you work in? I love Macy's - was just there tonight having a ball, at the Union Square store.

    I guess 20% doesn't sound like such a special deal because I get 20% off fairly frequently throughout the year (I'm a platinum Macy's Visa cardmember).

    Oh also, my "this year's F&F discounts don't seem so great" comment didn't just apply to Macy's (I forgot to say that earlier). Doesn't anyone else remember 30%+ discounts from last year? I remember Kenneth Cole's F&F was 40% off... I guess we have yet to see if it'll be the same this year. Maybe this is one of those times when my memory isn't serving me well...
  5. does anyone have the link for the macy*s f&f???
  6. I worked in women's/men's shoe. My first job ever and I miss it soooo much!!!! :crybaby: Darn college!

    I just realized you're in Nor.Cal too!! Dang, we have a lot of Nor.Cal people here, are you planning on going to sf on Black Friday?! And I definitely know what you mean about the F+F not seemingly like a lot, the benefits for the cardholders are spectacular. Did you know you get free parking at any of the downtown garages if you're an elite cardholder?! :nuts:

    I'll PM you later, time to study :yucky:
  7. ^^^^mello what college are you at?
  8. If you sign up for their email newsletters, I'm sure they'll send you an email with the code. I'm signed up and haven't received one yet but I recall receiving one during their last event. And if anything, just try going to during the F&F days and they might have a code on there for you.
  9. So there is a Macy's FF in California too? I'm on their email list for a while now, receive their ads 2/3 times a week but there's nothing regarding their FF sale :confused1:
    Look like they don't give these coupons so easily... So again, if someone has an extra please PM me, I have a bunch of things to buy fo Christmas...
    Thansk guys!
  10. does anyone have a free shipping code for macy's?
  11. hey everyone,

    I don't have any coupons to scan, sorry. :sad:
    But just thought i'd let you know, I believe we are allowed to do presales on Coach and Dooney & Bourke bags this year. So if you go to Macys just ask about the presale and they should be able to do it for you, before the coupon starts.
  12. UCD :yes:
  13. oh really? I went there briefly for undergrad!
    hated it there. sucha small town....although i still work in davis LOL
  14. If you aren't able to get a hold of the coupon, when the event starts, go to the gift wrap department of your local store and they will most likely have extras that they will be giving to customers who ask for them. If you are a Macy's cardholder, they will be sending the coupons to your house just like how they send out all the other coupons. (I'm not sure if this applies to all levels of Macy's cardholders or just their Platinum & Elite cardholders)
  15. Thanks mrsjimmyh for the tips.

    I shop at Macy's for years now, I'm a platinum card holder and receive frequently their offers but I do not recall having received any FF coupon from them for the past years, I wonder why :confused1: Anyway, I hope I'll have one this year, otherwise I'll do what you said, go to the gift wrap dept...

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and happy shoppings...