Macy's Friends & Family

  1. Macy's F&F coupons are now available. A friend who works with Macy's gave me some F&F coupons today. It starts Wednesday, Nov.28th - Monday, Dec. 3rd. It's 20% off almost anything in the store/online and extra 10% off small electrics, furniture, mattresses, and area rugs. Promotional code for and is MACYSFF. :tup:
  2. Does anyone have a spare coupon I can use in store??
  3. Nice! Thanks for posting.

  4. I have an extra coupon. PM me with your addy! :tup:
  5. does anyone have a spare coupon that i can have?
  6. any designer exclusion? they usually exclude the good ones like MJ or D&G...
  7. Oh yay! I have a macys card so I hope I get mine soon.
  8. Thank you for posting this!
  9. I still have a spare coupon so if anyone needs it, just PM me.
  10. They are mailing the coupons out to Macys card holders, right? I swear I got some last year.
  11. :confused1: Which Macy's carries MJ? Please do tell!! Or maybe not....I might go broke!

    Okay, tell me tell me!! :nuts: I always get the "thanks for sharing" promotion also so I can get a 'free' shopping spree after the new year.
  12. I do not know of any Macy's in No. Cal that carries MJ, they usually just have Coach and Dooney, Betsey Johnson etc.

    Last year I did not receive a coupon (I have a Platinum card too!) and they gave me the discount with no problem, I even talked the SA into giving the other women in line the same discount.

    If you right coast Ladies can fill us lefties in regarding the brands your Macys carries we could make some phone calls. Thx.
  13. I'll gladly take an extra coupon if one of you ladies has one up for grabs. :kiss:
  14. Hi Ladies,

    I had 4 coupons and they are gone. However, it's still in the early stages so I am sure that we can all get some more. Not only that, Macy's is really good about their F&F....they always ask you if you have a coupon and if you don't they will offer you one at the checkout.

    Also, I am in Tampa and I know that we do NOT have any MJs here. We have Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Juicy, Betsy Johnson, etc. I would love to find out which Macy's carries MJs too.
  15. Chicago area Macys carry MJ but 'designer' bags are usually excluded from these deals. Coach is too usually.