Macy's Friends & Family - 10%, 15%, 20%

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  1. Starts Tomorrow:
    November 29 - December 4.

    20% off apparel and housewares (If using in store, it should work on Coach bags and the Impulse section.)
    15% off jewelry
    10% off electronics

    Click the link for the printable version to use in store:

    To use online use code: FRIENDMACYS
  2. thanks!
  3. Hmmm...The coupon I got says it's good from November 30 - December 4th.
  4. the one that was originally posted looks like the correct one for 2006.
    there are 2005 floating around online and some that arent valid for us here in CA.
  5. ^I was emailed the pass today, too and mine also states the sale from
    11/29 - 12/4.
    Thanks loserxstar for posting this!
  6. Thanks! I was finally able to download this one. I wasn't able to see the coupon earlier. Is the one posted at the top of this forum good in CA? It doesn't say it's not.
  7. ^^ I am in CA and I got the exact same e-mail that's posted here. HTH!
  8. yay! I got my email too! Does anyone know if there is a free shipping code for Macys?
  9. yeah, the one IN THIS thread is good for us in CA.
  10. Oh the irony. I get my F&F card the same day I get a package from Macy's only including 5/7 items it is listed as including. Grrrrrrrreat. Thanks Macy's!
  11. Apparently if you use the code MACYSFF it will do the friends and family discount now. I just got 20% off the Coach bag I've been wanting!
  12. Thanks so much!!! I've printed mine and it's sitting by my front door ready to go to SF tomorrow!! W00 H00!! Thanks everyone!
  13. ^^^^^^^ I was just in macys SF....WOW have they totally revamped the impulse section or what?! I was in heaven, Im going to be in heaven with this coupon on that floor!
  14. I received the Macy's F&F coupon in the mail...can you use it more than once? Or to you have to "surrender" it when you make your purchase? I have several things I need to purchase from Macy's (Christmas gifts and a new Coach bag for me) and I always feel funny walking around department stores with items from other departments...KWIM? :smile:
  15. ^Yup, you can use it more than once. The cashier should hand back the coupon to you after you make your purchase.