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  1. does that include coach?
    i asked some online tech and they said no, but i "ordered" a bag and put the code in and it took off the 20% ???
    i wanted to go macys and get a good deal.......
  2. I know the Lord & Taylor F&F discount includes Coach. On the Macys discount card it says: Excludes cosmetics, fragrances, select licensed depts., everyday values, restaurants, wine, gift cards, bridal kiosks, J&R Epress, Furs, and previous purchases. The only thing I can think of it being excluded is under select licensed depts.
  3. My macy*s F&F invite reads:

    *Excludes Everyday Value items, cosmetics, fragrances, bridal kiosks, electronic gift cards, services, select leased departments, special orders & previous purchases. Coach and Toys are excluded at Cannot be combined with any other offer. This offer is not transferable. prices, promotions and selections may differ from those at and in Macy's branded stores. Prices and promotions (e.g., promotion codes or free shipping) offered online may not be used in stores, and store prices and promotions (e.g., coupons or additional discounts) may not be used online.

    Hope this helps...
  4. SO_FEMME's invite seems like you can get the Coach bags instore only just not on their website. Is your invite an email or did you recieve it through mail?
  5. My Macy's is including Coach in the F&F Sale. I was there last night and ended up with a 35% discount because I got the 20% F&F discount and an extra 15% off for opening a Macy's account.
  6. I just tried the coupon code from my F&F card on It worked fine and took off the 20% discount and reflected it in the shopping cart. The coupon code I have is MACYSFF .

  7. My invite was through an email. My promo code is FRIENDMACYS.
  8. I think it's strange that different codes are given to different people. Oh well - use the one I posted and you should be good!
  9. sure scored big time. Congratulations. What did you get? My Macys does not even carry Coach:crybaby:
  10. I was able to use my Macy's F & F on Coach as well...I got myself a Chelsea Large Hobo for $238.40 (reg $298).
  11. It works in-store. My friend works at in cosmetics in Macy's and when she gave me the F&F thing, she specially told me it works on Coach because she knows how much I've been eyeing those legacy bags!
  12. do i need the F&F thing to get the discount in store, i'm dying to get some coach while im' holidaying in the US
  13. I Got A Chelsea Hobo Also. Which One Did You Get?