Macy's Friends and Family Printable Coupon for the Midwestern Region

  1. I am really sorry but the link that I posted has expired. If I find another coupon I will post the link
  2. It's saying "Page Not Found"! :wtf:
  3. I promise that when I find another link I will post it.
  4. For some reason it will not let me cut and paste the thread. Just go to


    go to The Deals
    and then go to Hot Deals. Then click on Apparel. The post was made yesterday
    at 10:05 am and the title is Macys Friends and Family 20% discount. I don't
    know why I cut and paste it here but it does not work for some reason. I cannot even
    type in the title of the link as it does not work. Good luck finding it

    The is a post by balletrina2007 with a Friends and Family printable coupon
    for the Midwestern Region. You can also go to this google search.
    Click on the second link from the top which reads

    Macy's Friends and Family 20% discount. Online and B&M ...
  5. Will the code MACYSFF work too for those shopping online? That's the code I have on the back of my card for 20% off. It may only work for those in the midwest. Worth a try if anyone wants to give it a shot! It starts the 28th.
  6. Aw ... nothing for the NORTHEASTERN region? :p
  7. Those are last yr coupons :sad:
  8. A co-worker just got an e-mail with the printable coupon, and the online code for the 20% off is MACYSFF

    Valid November 28 through December 3 2007

    Hope that helps -