Macy's Friends and Family in April!

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  1. I got my card today. Macy's in AL, GA, KY, LA, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, and VA have Friends and Family (25% off) April 30 - May 5. Louisville and Lexington, KY from April 24-27. I think that is because the next weekend is the KY Derby.
  2. YAYYYY!!!! I'm SO excited!! I wonder when the one for Maryland starts... I can FINALLY get my Carly then!
  3. You should be able to take those coupons and use it at the Coach Store too. See my thread below.
  4. Hot d*mn....just after my birthday!!
  5. Yay!
  6. Thanks for the info. So in other words what I missed out on for PCE I can go get from Macy's!
  7. AHH - I've been waiting for my F&F!! When is California? :hysteric:
  8. In Michigan, the discount is on 20%. I wonder why other Macys have a 25% discount?
  9. I wonder when it is for PA?
  10. Does it give a code for online shopping?

  11. Just noticed the past it's been 20%....typo maybe? I'm happy either way!
  12. Anyone know when Wisconsin will have their's?
  13. Lucky, in California we only get 20% off.
  14. How do you get the macy's friends and family coupon? Or if you shop there on those dates and tell them about it will they give you the discount?
  15. they mail out the coupons, but theyre super easy to get. They hand them out to anyone, atleast that has been my experience.