Macy's friends and family does not include Coach??

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  1. When I went to Macy's tonight to buy the Metallic Carly I asked the SA about the friends and family discount and she said that it is NOT going to include Coach. I thought some people already preordered for the friends and family though and I said this to her and she said that it might have just changed because they just got the notice. That stinks!!! Can anyone verify this? Or was she just lying to me??
  2. I doubt this is ture. Unless they changed it this year.
  3. i think they have some fine print that says it doesn't--take that advertisement leaflet and see if it says anything.
  4. Which advertisement leaflet do you mean? I haven't seen that.
  5. No, Friends and Family has previously included Coach, no change that I know of.

    Since ALL other coupons do not include brand names like Coach, maybe the SA just didn't know what she was talking about.
  6. I asked my SA yesterday to do a preorder for Coach and she said I could. What happens is you leave your card number and you get charged the first day of the event and you pick up your items the same day. Also I remember last year I wanted to buy a item that was on sale before the sale started and when I went in there they returned all the Coach on sale for 30% off to regular price so you would only get 20% off for the event. I was so mad! lol I thought I was going to get a really good price but they are too smart for that!
  7. Well I can't understand why she is telling me that they JUST got the notice that it is not going to include Coach. I am gonna call my other local Macy's in the morning now. I am so mad if she lied to me. I'll keep the tags on and return it and rebuy it. But I don't know if I can wait that long. LOL
  8. LOL Yeah good luck with that! I know that would be very hard for me to do:yes:
    I really hope that this thing isn't true-I always thought that it was the one cool thing that Macy's always did-hopefully you get a better answer from the other store!!!
  9. I'll be so mad if it doesn't include Coach. This discount decides what I can buy and how much. I want maybe two more bags since my collection is nothing right now :sad:
  10. F&F has always included Coach and most all other normally excluded brands.

    The coupon does exclude Coach from ONLINE purchases only - in store purchases are eligible for the discount.

    Just call another store! :yes:
  11. i called my local macys today and they said it does include coach. i live in california though so i dont know if the other states apply
  12. I called my old manager from when I interned at the Coach shop at Macy's. She said that there are no changes to F&F.

    On a random note ... my macy's will also honor PCE cards from Coach. As well as the 11% off coupon for out of state residents. (this is all year)
  13. what is 11% out of state coupon? I am visiting Chicago next month from Iowa I get the 11% discount on top of the 20% F&F? Please explain...oh I am hoping too much!
  14. Macy's offers an 11% discount year round to shoppers who show an out of state ID. Usually this cannot be combined with another offer. However, if an SA wants your sale badly enough they will let you do both.

    You go to guest services to pick up the coupon. I learned about this during my internship and it's a great little tip. I attend school in FL but my Driver's License is from Ohio so I pick up one of these coupons every time I shop there. Bloomingdales (another federated store) has the same program.
  15. Thanks so much. Where can I obtain the F&F coupon ?