Macy's Fashion Cash - get $10 for every $50 spent

  1. I got this Macy's flier today:
    Starting Wednesday, get $10 in "fashion cash" for every $50 in apparel/accessory purchases charged to your Macy's card. Earn and redeem through July 24, continue redeeming through July 29. Applies to stores in WA, OR, ID, UT, MT and WY. Does not apply to online orders.
    No mention of LeSportsac or Tokidoki in the fine print.
  2. tokidoki/lesportsac is included
  3. how are we supposed to get our rewards? cuz i'm pretty sure i earned $20 worth...
  4. california too.

    they basically give u a macys gift card/coupon... u cant exchange it for cash lol.
  5. I still need to find another giftcard I got in another promotion... it has $15 :push: where o where did I put that
  6. So wait, I'm confused...we'll get it tomorrow when we pick up our goodies at Macy's but then we can only use it for about a week? :confused1: Can we use it towards our purchase that we pick up tomorrow from the presale? :confused1:
  7. No, the cash cards can only be used from July 24 - August 5 so you wouldn't be able to apply it to your presale items. The disclaimer on the catalogue also says that if you return the merchandise and used the free cash cards, they will deduct the amount from your returned merchandise
  8. i dont think so. macys doesnt let you use your coupon or whatever right when you make the purchase >_> its their way of making you come back and buy more crap from them. haha
  9. Thanks for the info Sus. :tup:
    Man, the cards aren't good for very long. They kinda rush you into buying something else. Will they mail the cards to us or give them to us in the store? :confused1: TIA
  10. I believe you can claim them when you pick up your item. I think you would need to show your receipt(s) to a counter where they issue the free cash cards. The SAs told me not to forget them after I picked up the bags. If you have several receipts, I think they total everything up before tax to issue the $10 for every $50 spent :biggrin:
  11. Thank you!! One more question, what if I pick something up tomorrow and don't decide to keep it...when I return it can I hand in the cash card or do they deduct that amt from my purchase even if I haven't used it? :confused1:
  12. Hmm good question because I was thinking the same thing - I would ask the counter people. Maybe your best shot would be not to claim the cash cards for the specific purchase if you're in doubt. That's what I was planning to do. I wanted to see the purchases again to make sure I wanted to keep them and not claim the free cash because I didn't want to get penalized later
  13. That's probably what I'll do. I wonder if I can go back the next day and claim the cash card if I decide to keep it. I also wonder how they know you actually claim the cash card. Do they stamp your receipt or something?
  14. That's what I'm guessing - I recall when I used to claim Bloomie's free cash cards and they would stamp the receipt to show that I claimed them. It doesn't hurt to ask tomorrow because I am already canceling one of the preorders when I pick up the bag. I wanted to cancel sooner but they said I had to wait till the day of since it wouldn't be rung up until tomorrow even though there is a pending charge for it already on my Macy's charge account
  15. I assume they think once you take the cash card that you will spend it? Good point you brought up there - I'll ask if I take the cash and don't spend it and return the item, will that be ok or not