Macy's Family & Friends ....when?

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  1. I thought Macy's had its Family & Friends in March. Was I wrong? If so when is it?:sad:
  2. they have great sales going on but with their stock doing so poorly I am not sure if they will have the F&F so frequently, sorry.
  3. May I think? I haven't heard anything about it yet and I work at Macy's
  4. I thought it was in oct
  5. They normally have 2, one in may and one in december. So, may should be the next one.
  6. starts April 29th!
  7. ye i heard it was in april too!
  8. what is friends and family?
  9. You get 20% off of almost everything in the store. The only things it usually excludes is cosmetics and frag. And you only get 10% off of electronics. But you do get the 20% off of coach. dooney. and watches (things you never can use coupons on)
  10. I've heard some states are getting 25% off.
  11. ooo i might goto this :P
  12. does it include bcbg?
  13. Is it all Macys? I'm looking for Macys North. My Fiance worked at the print shop that printed their coupons (lol) but now he got laid off so I don't know the dates grrr
  14. My SA told me it's the 1st week of May. They will start to hand out coupon in the middle of April
  15. I do have macy's card-do you ask for a coupon? or is it mailed