Macy's F&F Loot....Show Off The Goodies You Got!!!

  1. I didn't see that anyone else had started a thread to show off the goodies we buy/bought at Macy's F&F Sale (if there is one already, I apologize!!),
    I'll start...I did not purchase a lot at the sale. I was HOPING to, but my wallet sure is thanking me!! :p
    I bought the Karas in Khaki Sig & Punch!!! I also got the Sig Stripe Punch Mini Skinny. If they had had the Sig Stripe Punch Demi, she woulda been mine, too. Oh well...I decided to get the Multi Stripe Swingpack for our upcoming vacation to Florida (AND for other outings I take my daughter on). I got the matching Mini Skinny, because I could not decide if I wanted to MATCH the Swingpack or if I wanted to go with the one I LOVE...the punch one?!?! of the mini skinnies will be going back. Please help me decide which one!:yes:
  2. Nice job! Those shoes are so cute! Both of those mini skinnies are super cute so I honestly can't help you there!
  3. I got the sig stripe (white) swingpack and the small soho leather flap in black.

    As for your mini skinny- I'd keep the punch- it's the one you LOVE!
  4. I got the Multi Sig Stripe Envelope wallet. I felt a little guilty about it when I got home, but I just found out I got a B in my Finance class when I thought I was going to get a C so I guess this is a congrats to myself present.
    stripe1.jpg stripe2.jpg
  5. keep the mini skinny that you LOVE!
  6. Hey Purse-O-Nality! I'm loving your goodies. IF you have to give up one skinny, keep the punch. It looks good next to the multi.
  7. Thanks for the advice...I am sure I WILL keep the Punch! I DO :heart:LOOOOVE :heart: it. I'll like using it more with ANYTHING than I would love using the multi stripe one. I do LOVE the Multi Stripe Swing Pack though....super cute and summery!!! It's gonna be fun to wear!
  8. Great purchases everyone.
    I would keep the punch mini skinny!
  9. Ita everyones stuff is awsome and purse o nality def keep the punch I have it and love it, plus u have the swingpack in the multistripe already so you may as well have the punch in tthe skinny hehe :smile: I love it

    Today I bought the BLACK ALI and I'm psyched!!!!! Pics coming around 9pm :smile:
  10. My new Mandy Leather Courier in Whiskey!

  11. I got nothing. :sad: Macy's sucks! I go to buy my bag today (finally made up my mind since they didn't have the Carly in Saddle/Khaki) and am told that I have a $106 limit. What?! I just paid $100 to pay off the card. Ok, so I missed a payment :lecture: , but no one said they would decrease my limit that drastically. Sooo...I'll go back and get my bag (btw, it was a chocolate Signature Stripe tote) Friday. But I may get white. :shrugs:
  12. I love the lining on that bag! I just got the Black Signature Carly i've wanted forever.
  13. Purse-O-Nality I'd totally keep the punch mini skinny because it still matches the multi-stripe swingpack's punch stripe! I carry mine with my multi-stripe demi sometimes to mix things up :yes:
  14. I didn't purchase coach but I did walk away with a top and 2 pairs of shoes!