Macy's F&F coupons

  1. Hi all,
    I just looked at the macy's F&F coupon (20% off) and it seems that LV isn't excluded from this discount?

    Here are the restrictions:

    *Discount on small electrics, personal care electrics, technology, furniture, mattresses and area rugs is 10%. Valid only in-store or online at and EXCLUDES: Everyday Values; Cosmetics and Fragrances; Lease, Service and Non-Merchandise Depts.; J&R Express; Restaurants; Wine; Gift Registry Kiosk; Special Orders; Macy’s Gift Cards; payment on Credit
    Accounts. Not valid on previous purchases. Discount will be deducted from the regular, sale, new reduction or clearance price as applicable. Cannot be combined with any savings pass/coupon, extra discount, or credit offer, except opening a new Macy’s account. Present Friends & Family discount card at register. Valid November 28 – December 3, 2007. MCE

    I thought LV was never discounted.... does anyone know what that's all about?

  2. I know my macys or in fact every one that I have been to doesn't even carry LV. Man I wish they did!!!!!!
  3. Hmmm... I don't think LV is included, but it's just not listed.
  4. i've never heard of a macys that carries LV....unless this coupon is for bloomies also...but bloomies doesnt have LV here...i know in SF they do
  5. I think the one in NY is the only one that carries LV.
  6. Perhaps because it is a leased department even though they are most likely excluded they don't need to be listed explicitly on the coupon KWIM? I am pretty sure they are excluded, but wonders never cease!
  7. it is listed on all the other macy's coupons I've ever seen (along with kate spade, coach, lacoste etc.)
    it just isn't listed on this one and from what i hear it can be applied to coach (only at the store)

    i realize coach and LV aren't the same, but if they're usually excluded together, wouldn't it make sense that both are included this time?
  8. try it and report back to us
  9. wow, the macy's in NY carries LV?? good to know!
  10. The whole poing was that I dont live that close to one of the macy's that carries LV
    I was hoping someone in NY or CA has tried the coupon and knows

  11. oh well i will have to find my card in the morning and call macy's myself. i'm in miami a long way from new york
  12. I think there is a LV at the Macys in Valley Fair Mall in San Jose, CA.!!
  13. just got my F/F out, on the back it says "does not apply to leased departments" too bad!!
  14. Technically and legally they have to honor that coupon ... so I say use it, LV might not discount it, but the discount should show on your next Macy's bill.
  15. No, the Valley Fair Macys use to have an LV leased dept. when I was in high school, but not now - many years later. However, there is an LV store at the Valley Fair mall.