Macys F&F Coupon Just Got IT....

  1. Hey everyone I just got in the mail my Macys F&F coupon it's 20% off everything.. You can use the coupon online just use the code FRIENDMACYS in the code box. If you spend more than $100 you get free shipping also.. It starts next Wednesday through Saturday.....
  2. Hi,

    I was wondering where are you located? in the Coach forum, there are a few people who posted their codes also and they were all different since they were located in different areas...

    thanks so much!
  3. I am in Cali LA area
  4. Thank you for the post!
  5. do all macy's cardholders get issued a f&f hardcopy pass?
  6. I think so because my husband is a platinum rewards member and I am a black card member and we both got the same cards... we received two cards each.
  7. is there ANY macys that sells gucci by any chance..........i have a $100 gift card and w/ the ff it would be nice........i know its played out but i've been eyeing the belt bag
  8. i dont think they sell the luxury brands
  9. I'm not a card holder or anything but I got 2 FF coupons in the mail. But the code listed is MACYSFAM. MN btw, so Macys North.
  10. OMG thanks I am going to try it.
  11. Yeh, I got mine too, the code is MACYSFAM to use online May 2-6, i am in chicago.
  12. I think so. I got mine.

  13. i know their flagship in nyc sell louis, or at least it used has gone down hill over the years
  14. My local Macys has a Louis boutique but its leased space and isnt included in the FF sale.
  15. hmm.. does it work on fragrance purchases?