Macy's - Denver - 60% off now!!

  1. I was at the Macy's in Park Meadows mall in Denver this afternoon and picked up an Inferno Canguro for $41 and an Inferno Bella for $49. They were 60% off plus I had another 15% off coupon.

    In case anyone is interested in what they still have left at 60% off:

    2 Paradiso Campeggios
    1 Paradiso Canguro
    1 Inferno Buon Viaggio

    None of these had the marked down prices on them and the SA was not aware they were on sale until I showed her on the price check thingy!

    Phone number (for those of you who like to charge send) 303-566-6370
  2. Oh no!!!! I need that BV!!!!!

    Wait, do they chargesend??
  3. Thaaaaank you, I really think I need to get that BV. Going to call asap tomorrow.
  4. Thanks for the heads up! So those are the only 2 prints of tokis available there?
  5. Those were the only ones on sale.

    Not on sale they had Pirata (Gioco, Portatelefono, Bambinone, maybe a Stella??)

    Also Notte (Gioco, Stella, Cangaru, Portatelefono)

    Adios (Ciao Ciao, Stellina, Dolce, Gioco, Stella)

    Fumo (Canguro)

    Bianco (Gioco, Bambinone)

    I think that was most of them.
  6. Aw, my husband pointed out that we have no money. So I guess I better not. :crybaby:
  7. i got the paradiso campeggio for my aunt! $89.95 including shipping =) shipping was like $11 something so pretty good!
  8. ^Hey, pretty cool!

    Thanks DreamsOfToki!
  9. awww man that paradisio canguro is tempting!! I still dont have paradisio for my collection LOL
  10. OMG.... I thought I had enough bags in those prints... but these sales are driving me insane.........I just wish i could still find those bags in my area. How much does macy's charge to chargesend?

    My bf is so funny, we were at Macys yesterday and now he says he would like an adios canguro- I think that's hilarious.

    I really wish UO still sold them. I got the craziest deal for my gioco. I got it for $30 because no one knew it was on sale and didn't buy it, then got a 50% price adjustment on it 2 weeks later. (The entire store was 505 off then) It only costs me $15 for it!!
  11. Wow.. SempreII ...what print is your Gioco?
    That is a such a great deal. I can't believe it!
  12. WOW I checked our UO but they didn't have ANYTHING T.T
  13. It's citta. At the time, it was already sold out online too.
  14. I know, UO has the craziest sales! Congrats on the gioco! 15 bucks? Thats crazy!
  15. yeah i know..i would have bought more that one!! :biggrin: