Macys Current Stock

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  1. Macys Beverly Hills-Pirta gioco,stellina,campeggio,canguro,porta,luna. They have a lot for each style.
    NO amore or spiggia. Adios in stellina,bambino. Famiglia print has every style except the mm.

    Macys West Pavaillion- all famiglia print

    Macys Montebello- Lots of famiglia and lamore print bags.

    I went to Montebello and there's a sign up now saying no 25% on tokidoki bags,just 15%. lolz. i feel so lucky getting all my collection at a discount price!!
  2. Hi to a TPF member near me! Did you go to Boardner's at the Montebello Mall? There was a Foresta Dolce along with some Amores, Famiglias, & Spiaggias. =)

  3. really. haha...what styles do they have in amore?
  4. this varies so much from store to store- tip: I always ask the SA if this is all they have in stock- more times than not, they have stock in the back they have not put out on the floor :happydance:
  5. if anyone lives near wash. dc or is visiting there soon, they had a forresta bv and denaro at the macys in montgomery. mostly water scenes on both but still really cute... and marked to 30% off. i so would have gotten them if i wasn't broke :sad:
  6. I saw some amore at Macy's in Pasadena - the one on S. Lake.