Macys Credit Card at Macys LV boutique?

  1. I did a good search on this but all I found was questions with macys gift cards.

    Can I use my Macy's CC at an LV boutique within Macys? IE the Macys here in Manhattan on 34th st?

    I emailed Macys about it ages ago but they never got back to me. figured I could get a faster answer from you guys than making a phone call to them!

  2. Yes, you definitely can. You can also use any Macy's gift cards towards the purchase.

    Have a great time! I got my LV at the Macy's at Herald Square store back in July.
  3. LOL crap. You know a part of me was hoping I couldn't.

    Now I must exercise self-control. curiosity killed the cat........

    THANK YOU THOUGH :smile:
  4. I smell trouble now , lol
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