Macy's coupons?

  1. I read occasionally in threads about great Macy's deals including sales & coupons. Do the coupons just go out to Macy's credit card holders or do you get them from the newspaper? I've been very bad up until recently, buying everything retail :p but Toki never seems to go on sale near me, & I live in SoCal!
  2. I have seen them in the paper but I think the best coupons are the ones you get in the mail when you have a Macy's credit card.
  3. yeah~ the best ones are usually if u have the credit card; they periodically send out "rewards" type of coupons if u have the card... otherwise, the other coupons do exist but are fewer and farther between...
  4. Even if you are not a Credit Card person (I'm not!) it is so worth it to get the Macy's card to get the extra 10-20% off deals every weekend!

    I just make an online payment as soon as I get home and don't have to even worry about the bill arriving.
  5. Yup, definitely get the Macy's CC. You get 3% cashback (in rewards cert) for every dollar spent plus 6% on double reward days - for platinum/premier card holder. Also, the $25 off $100 coupon is TDF! That's how I buy most of my Tokidoki. With coupons, reward certs etc, I only paid $90+ for my Campeggio!
  6. bloomingdales is good o have a card too!!!

    i got an amore campeggio for 100!