promo code

  1. If you go to May 2-6 and type in the code FRIENDMACYS when you check out you will get 20% off for their friends and family event, plus its free shipping those days when its over $100 purchase... So if anyone still needs their toki from online :smile:
  2. thanks snapcat! hmmm... this means i HAVE to get something, right?? :yes:
  3. Is there a limit to how many people can use it?
  4. you're my hero!
  5. I wonder if I can stack that with my employee discount? :confused1:
  6. Thanks for the code.. Too bad Spiagga is not out then...
  7. Yes that is stacked with the employee discount because you always get your employee discount deducted off your credit account.

    I don't believe that there is a limit to how many people use it, this is a huge event apparently so they're sending out coupons to cardholders... I don't think theres a limit to how many times you use it through that time period either...
  8. I know, if it happened like a few weeks later I could have used it for spiaggia maybe :sad: As it stands I already have two pirata and two lamore and one adios star so I highly doubt I'll use the code myself.
  9. Okay, this is probably for the best but as soon as I saw the promo code... off to I went! Hahahaah I straight up "had to have" a L'Amore BV!!! Hahahahah but when I went to checkout the code wasn't recognized!! BUMMER!

    Did it work for anyone else? Ehh.. it's okay:crybaby: It wasn't on my "list"... but it is now! Hahahaha
  10. The code is only going to work May 2-6.
  11. That means a BV would only be $96 for me....hmmm... let's see what hubby thinks. :graucho:
  12. Hahaha i'm a loser. An eager loser! I saw promo code and stopped reading.
  13. Thanks for the code! I hope they have another one when Spiaggia comes out.... :smile:
  14. the only friends and family events at macy's are this upcoming one in may.. and the first week of december :/
  15. Thank u for the info snapcat!