has tutti and trasporto

  1. I was checking out and noticed they have trasporto and tutti in some of the bag styles.
  2. Anyone has the free shipping code?:smile: thanks!
  3. Fallfs
  4. They actually spelled it wrong. The listings says "transporto" with an *N*
  5. thanks! i'm so happy to see they have them for sale again!
  6. Thanks. I tried to use my $25 coupon code and free shiping code at the same time. But it seems only can apply one coupon code, does anyone can confirm that?:confused1:
  7. eeee!!! thank you for the heads up! now to have money for it :[
  8. pirata: love your avatar...ditto on the cash flow problem
  9. thank you, lovely :smile: if only christmas was nearby for $$, right? haha