has l'amore..

  1. I'm kinda sad they don't have any styles I want for amore... (Because I get a discount there..) But they have giocos and zuccas etc for those of you who are having trouble finding them. Usually if I buy from there I get two or so and just return the one I don't like to a macys in town.
  2. Yeah, if anyone wants something, but Macy's can't ship it, I can order them and then ship them out to people (as long as payment for bag and shipping and etc. is received first). Being in a place where there is no stores for lesportsac, I can totally understand. So I thought I'd help out. PLus, I have a coupond for online, so I could do a whole big order if people want.
  3. Do you have a general coupon code that works for everyone or is it just tied to your macys account?
  4. To my macy's account. But I can ship to multiple address (with extra charge). For people who are in areas that can't be reached, I'd have to receive it, then send it out again.