does any one know some promo codes for free shiping or 10%-20% off?
  2. sorry i don't have any free delivery codes but there is a friends and family employee 20 % discount (10% small appliances) from August 23 - Aug 26.

    There is free delivery on furniture, mattress or rug purchases $599 or more within normal delivery address.

    you could probably go in that day and someone will probably give you the coupons or you could always call in advance to be sure.
  3. i usually make online orders because i am an international cand i benefit from this 10% without the code?
  4. there are some codes on the website, eg I ordered 2 tshirts from the young mens section and there was the code FREEFALL for free shipping. but the items have to qualify for free it depends on what you want to buy