20% off plus FREE SHIPPING.......

  1. what have you got to lose?? They have Pirata, Adios, L'Amore, Bianco & Notte.

    The styles they have are:
    Zucca, Portatelefono, Gioco, Stellina, Luna, Cicciolo, Campeggio and Buon Viaggio.

    Since it's free shipping, order as many as you can on your cc so you can pick out placement. You can return what you don't want in the store!!


    free shipping: FREESHIP
    20% off: MACYSFRIEND

    SO GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND GET TO SHOPPING!! :yahoo:*&Keyword=tokidoki

    not sure why but according to the site: Currently, LeSportsac products cannot be shipped to Hawaii or Guam

    If anyone from there wants stuff, I will be more than happy to help you out. Just order it and have it sent to me and then I will ship it to you.
  2. thanks for posting SpacyTracy
  3. Are these valid now? Or does it start on the 2nd?
  4. Sucks that gotta be $100 over to get that free shipping though. I thought maybe I'd get a adios star porta...but yeah :sad:
  5. code works now!!

    If you are just gonna get a port, buy a tshirt or something else cheap to get up to the $100 then return it in the store!

    Won't ship to HI anyway Jess!! :sad:
  6. Arrrggghhghh!!! So tempting!
  7. aw, junkies...haha it's OK, gotta save anyway. Gotta make sure I have $$ for my unicorn.
  8. That would make the BV only $96 before tax for me....hmmm I saw the amore in person the other day and fell for it! I do want the white one but I have an SA at Bloomies waiting for it to go on sale so she can pull it for me then...time to ask hubby!
  9. thanks for the info! i just placed my order for a cucciolo, campeggio and zucca in l'amore. i plan on returning the ones i ordered before since i paid regular price for it. this time i'm saving over $120!
  10. just placed my order! hopefully i can find my perfect amore gioco!! n i'm getting it for about $140 including tax! hooray!
  11. I don't have moooney :sad: I just spent it on an adios mamma mia! but it had awesome placement! lol I still want an adios zucca maybe later on tho :hrmm: ah wellz :sad:
  12. code: MACYSFF will give you combined both 20% off AND free shipping
  13. YAY! I just ordered my Pirata Buon Viaggio! And I got like $40 off!

    Thanks so much for the code! :smile:
  14. grrr i wanna order things but 1) the website doesnt have amore stellina 2) sales tax sucks!!!

    I priced a amore gioco with the free ship & 20% and it was only like, $139... $20 off I guess but if there was no sales tax it woulda been like, $120. (like when I got my Zucca 20% off from Pulse it was $140-something cuz of no tax)
  15. i might be the only airhead who didn't know this, but just in case, DOES carry the l'amore stellina. they don't show a picture of the print, but if you scroll down the "select color", it's an option.